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Cookie is a small-scale text file that the web server sends to the user’s web browser and is stored on the user’s computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not read information from the user’s computer.



The purpose of cookies is to provide users with more personalized user experience and more convenient website / app navigation. For example, cookies on a website will keep users’ preferences (memorizing the page language) or the like. Cookies are also used to collect statistical data by tracking user preferences when visiting web pages. In order for a user to decide whether or not to allow cookies, site owners are required to provide website / application with clear and comprehensible information on the cookies used and the purpose of their use.



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Analytical cookies uses Google’s analytics software to monitor the site’s usability. This software uses a number of cookies to help you find out if visitors to the site have already visited it. If your computer has the cookie provided by the analytics software, the visitor will provide us with information about it. In the absence of them, we offer the cookies to your web browser. This allows you to find out the number of single visitors and get more detailed statistics on your visit. These cookies are only used for statistical purposes and it is not possible to identify individual users with them. Visitor’s personal information is not forwarded to Google.

Technical and authentication cookies

Technical cookies are required so that the user could navigate the web page at all and use the website’s features. With these cookies, the website can not function properly. Security cookies are used to authenticate users.

Other cookies has added third-party content, such as Google Maps. For this purpose, the third party in turn uses a number of cookies to monitor the use of its services.



In most cases, it is possible to stop using cookies or to block cookies from a particular website. All modern browsers allow you to change the settings for cookies. Below are links that help different web browsers to change their cookie settings. Blocking all cookies can cause page display problems.


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